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Lighthouse rents lighting and grip equipment for audiovisual productions in Costa Rica and Central America. Our experienced staff understands the needs of our clients. We are highly motivated to look for the most dynamic and efficient solutions to meet the high requirements of first-class productions.

We offer the specific tools required by the unique conditions of each production. In order to ensure a swift, comfortable and safe service, we rely on new equipment, which is kept in the best working conditions.

The beauty of this fascinating country inspires us to help bringing images of great beauty to your public.

New Light Crane

ABC Crane 120

Aiming to have always the best tools at your disposal, we brought the exquisite ABC Crane 120 to Costa Rica. With lengths ranging through 4.5, 6, 7.5, and 9 meters, it weights only 60kg, and can thus be considered a real lightweight! The accompanying ABC Pelé XL 35 remote head is of the same robust construction, and both are extremely fast and easy to assemble, due to the rational concept.

New Fabrics

Matthews bluescreen/greenscreen fabric

Due to popular demand, we incorporated a 12 × 12 feet Matthews reversible blue/green chromakey screen. With this inclusion, you now can count on a complete set of 6′, 8′, 12′ and 20′ fabrics for optimum lighting control under all conditions.

New 12000W HMI PAR

Filmgear HMI PAR 12000W/6000W lamphead

We are proud to introduce our latest acquisition, a 12000W / 6000W HMI PAR light from Filmgear, with electronic ballast. With help of the B250X Avenger stand heights from 1.72 to 3.86 meters are easily achieved. The complete accessories include barn-doors, set of five lenses, set of four scrims to reduce intensity, and head-to-ballast extension cords. Make sure to check out the excellent specifications for the lamphead and the ballast.

Now MSE Dealership

MSE logo

We are pleased to announce that we can provide the best grip equipment for sale in Costa Rica. As official dealers of the renowned MSE brand, we can offer the proven quality of Matthews Studio Equipment, with over 1400 products used in the production of films, television, video and still-photographic projects.

New Equipment

FogStorm 1700HD

Check out our latest offers, such as a new high-output 1700W fog machine. A great array of new Matthews grip equipment, such as MiniMax and Minivator stands, new fabrics for our butterfly & overhead frames, flags and cutters, and general grip equipment. Also some Surprisingly flat and lightweight LitePads which can be placed where other fixtures would not fit.

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